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Innovation is the essence to breathe in today’s world!

Telephone with Internet i.e. Smart Phones made communication easier!

Garbathon was invented & launched in the year 2023 by the Garba Researcher – Anish Rangrej.
It is under process trademarked concept. Garbathon is the world’s first cultural fitness race. It is organised to
enhance awareness for health and fitness among the people of the world. During the evening, participants will be
playing & performing Garba (Folk Dance of Gujarat, India) for a specified time period aiming to have a balanced
fitness. All participants needs to dress up with the ethnic folk attire representing the sanskriti of Gujarat.
The first ever Garbathon around the world was organised on October 24, 2023. It was organised by Surat City
Police and the Indian Acadmey of Garba & Dodhiya at the Police Parade Ground, Athwalines, Athwa, Surat.
It had two rounds in the Cultural Race each having different time period. Participants need to register in anyone of
the two rounds; i.e. either in 45 minutes OR 90 minutes round. Around 1500-2000 participants had joined and
made it a success for the Navaratri 2023

Innovation is the essence to breathe in today’s world!

Yoga with Garba i.e. YoGGarbA makes life easier!