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IAGD has weaved and preserved Indian dance form garba that originates in state of Gujarat, India.

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Garba and Dodhiya is a traditional folk dance form of Gujarat, India, which has roots from primitive times.

It is a joyful, dynamic performing art where dancers moves gracefully in circular motion. IAGD aims to promote this most liked traditional folk dance of Gujarat, worldwide. Mr. Anish Rangrej (founder of IAGD) has passion and love for this dance form and has innovated different dance steps, styles and variations for tradional dance form lovers as well those who love to make moves on today’s upbeat and fusion music.

Founder - IAGD


Anish Rangrej is a Garba and Dodhiya specialist, owner of Indian academy of Garba and Dodhiya, Surat, Gujarat, India, and associated with well known Njoy garba group, Surat, India.

Playing since 18 years, Anish Rangrej has mastered the skills and art of playing Garba and Dodhiya. His passion and love speaks for this traditional dance form in his 12 years coaching success. He started his journey with Njoy Garba Group where he coached initially just 2 to 3 students and in his span of 12 years, he has trained and coached more than 2700 students and 15 tutors till date.

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Moments Captured...!!


Few months prior to joining Anish Sir' garba cum cardio class were very tough on me due to hormonal imbalances because of pre-menopausal phase. I realized some physical activity on daily basis has wonderful impact on overall mental and physical wellbeing, so decided firmly to join some activity which is similar to aerobics as I personally love aerobics. His Garba workout is an immensely uplifted my mood and balanced my mood swings. Day by day, by following his diet tips, timings for proper diet and regular work up for 1 hour, I started feeling an immense pleasure and coolness which was lately missing. I realized that I so needed this. Every day was a unique experience. I had an amazing tingling sensation on whole body, face and mind at the end of every session. It gives a unique experience when we indulge ourselves in passionate dance movements. I found one of the best and most talented guru in Anish Sir....when he used to explain and narrate... at times I feel I should record each words and feeling and emotions too...permanently capture for rewinding in life... These are deep enriching experiences... don't want it to be diluted by any means. I value every word he conveyed. With him I not only discovered a better dance form-Garba

Rakhi Shah

Hey, this is Khusboo. I can proudly say that I am student of Anish sir as I never before taught such as an authentic garba style which believes in strengthen our basics instead of teaching us fancy fusion style! In his basic sessions we not only learnt proper bending and expression but he even made us aware of different techniques like offloading which is essential and scientific to avoid injury and exertion to body. As I am an ambitious woman, I found his sessions stress relieving and it made me fresh before I start my studies. I would like to convey particularly to them who are studying and stuck in hectic schedules, that Anish sir's garba package is a great stress relief session (power booster class) + physical fitness + pro in garba + increase your concentration power that makes him unique from others! He is a very genuine and disciplined guy who is a blend of strict sir and jolly friend. Thank you for teaching us this beautiful dance form Sir!

Khushboo Doshi

For me it is all about Anish Sir and his teaching. Especially the way he teaches, made my perspective about the garba has been completely changed. His keen eye on how we bend, twist and take rounds not only improved each step and movement now it feels so easy and effortlessly to do. His garba session boosted me up for losing weight and I ended up losing overall 11kgs. I feel because of his guidance regarding diet and nutritious food I did not find losing weight a huge task. Thanks to our sir Anish.

Krishna Chokkas

I joined garba with intention to keep my body fit and to give accompany to my friends. I not only got to socialize but I also made many new friends here. I have been weak in learning new steps so Anish Sir personally comes individually to us and teach. I have joined many garba classes in past but no found any teacher like Anish Sir. I have lost 4 kilos and lost 5 inches from waist. I feel very light, healthy and happy in routine this is all because of Anish sir, our guru. Thank you!

Shamin khan

I feel very energetic and light throughout the day. Also I observed that my stamina has increased and I can work for long hours without getting tired. A big thank you for Anish sir for that.

Neelam Agarwal

Hi I am Shahil Sheth. According to me garba is an excellent way to lose fat. It helped me lose fat, especially around the belly because it involves stretching, twisting and turn of the upper body. A lot of bending movements helps entire body workout. It's a great cardio workout too. Garba can help you shed those extra unwanted calories. When you dance for an hour continuously, depending on your pace and dance movements, you can lose anywhere between 100 to 500 calories. The most beneficial outcome of garba is that it works as a great stress buster. The rhythmic steps relax your mind and release happy hormones which melts away the stress and relaxes the mind, body and soul. The kind of dancing that happens during garba is similar to the exercises done in a Zumba class. Dodhiya exercises the entire body, utilizing the muscles from head to toe. Rass Garba and Dodhiya is much more than just a cardiovascular calorie burning activity. Most important, it makes people happy which is a psychological benefit to overall well-being. So I would not hesitate to say- ditch your workout and go for Garba instead. 😉

Shahil Sheth

Hello Friends!! I am Shrey Shah from Surat. We all know that in Gujrat, garba is very important. Personally I believe that garba is the best thing to do for health. Last year I joined the Enjoy Group. During three months session of Anish Sir I got really impressed by his technical methods and simplified way of spreading his knowledge of garba and so I immediately contacted him and joined for more sessions. He is our friend come teacher. During our garba sessions I completely feel very relax and happy and also forgot my all worries and problems. Every day that one hour session was the best time of the day for me, and also I want that this type of sessions he do for us every year, if it is possible. Under his coaching I have improve my body bending, hand movements, stamina and expressions. According to me garba is the best thing to do for feel relax from all the problems. After all this sessions now I am feeling very good and also I would like to thanks him for improving all my mistakes and now I also feel am doing well in garba. Garba is the most important thing in my life and whenever I do that I feel the luckiest and happiest person. We all students have given him label of 'Garba guru' as he truly proves it. Once again I would like to thank him and I am so proud to be his student. Thank you very much.

Shrey Shah

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