Shahil Sheth

Hi I am Shahil Sheth. According to me garba is an excellent way to lose fat. It helped me lose fat, especially around the belly because it involves stretching, twisting and turn of the upper body. A lot of bending movements helps entire body workout. It’s a great cardio workout too. Garba can help you shed those extra unwanted calories. When you dance for an hour continuously, depending on your pace and dance movements, you can lose anywhere between 100 to 500 calories.
The most beneficial outcome of garba is that it works as a great stress buster. The rhythmic steps relax your mind and release happy hormones which melts away the stress and relaxes the mind, body and soul.
The kind of dancing that happens during garba is similar to the exercises done in a Zumba class. Dodhiya exercises the entire body, utilizing the muscles from head to toe. Rass Garba and Dodhiya is much more than just a cardiovascular calorie burning activity. Most important, it makes people happy which is a psychological benefit to overall well-being. So I would not hesitate to say- ditch your workout and go for Garba instead. 😉

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