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The Indian Academy of Garba & Dodhiya

Here we are dedicated to promoting the vibrant culture and traditions of India through a diverse range of services encompassing yoga, garba, cultural education, health and fitness, and therapy.

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Our Mission

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Our Vision

“IAGD perceives to be a global center of excellence sustaining the primeval Indian era for the peace & prosperity in eternal mankind.”

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 YoGGarbA was invented & launched in the year 2019 by the Garba Researcher – Anish Rangrej.

It is registered trademarked concept. YoGGarbA® (According to Certificate of Registration of Trade Mark, Section 23(2), Rule 56(1), Class 41 Trade Mark no. 4215943) which is newly invented fitness program and helpful for human being to stay Healthy.

YoGGarbA is created based on scientific approach by inculcating basic elements of yoga – Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation to Garba. Through the YoGGarbA activity, one can avail; physical, psychological & spiritual benefits i.e. almost all the major benefits for well-being.

It is the fusion of the two primitive & sacred Hindu culture based activities of India. Yoga and Garba individually helps maintain physical fitness & provides a path to the inner self.

Now, when we combine the elements of Yoga and Garba, we practice YoGGarbA. We get the epitome of the benefits from both the activities which can direct one towards their spiritual journey. The Indian ethnic fusion

helps you to connect with divinity.

YoGGarbA Key Benefits

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• Divine Connection.
• Spiritual Journey.
• Calms Anxiety.
• Makes Resilient.
• Relieves Frustration.
• Develops Personality.
• Increases Concentration Level.
• Sharpens Memory Power.
• Unleashes Potential.
• Enhances Creativity.

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• Optimistic Vision.
• Self- reliance Health.
• Progressive.
• Urbanic Essence.
• Healthy Lifestyle.
• Global Recognition.
• Supports Local Community.

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• Progresses unity.
• Cultural awareness.
• Healthy globe.
• Contribution to growth.
• Economic benefits.
• Social change.
• Employment.
• Communal harmony.
• Encourages Peace

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